How to grow grass trees: Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. glauca at the Australian National Botanic Gardens

How to grow grass trees from seed

In this article, I show you how easy it is to grow grass trees from seed, how to identify grass tree species, and where to see them in nature in Australia ...
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How to grow a wildlife garden: rainbow lorikeet on grevillea

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

If you want to help native animals survive and thrive, convert to a wildlife-friendly garden with local plants. With these 10 easy changes, you can convince local wildlife to stay in your garden ...
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How to grow wattle trees from seed - It's spring, happy wattle day! - Acacia pycnantha flowers

How to grow wattle trees from seed

It's easy to grow wattle trees from seed. Wattles are great garden plants and most put on a spectacular display when they flower. As there are so many species of wattles in Australia, it is not hard to find a suitable one for your garden, no matter where you are in Australia ...
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Ecobits Australia News

Australian biodiversity articles

Interesting articles on Australian natural history and biodiversity from around the internet ...
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Mangrove dieback at the Limmen Bight River mouth

Huge mangrove dieback

A James Cook University (JCU) scientist says an ‘unprecedented’ dieback event has now been confirmed to have occurred, with surveys showing thousands of hectares of mangroves on the Gulf of Carpentaria suffering a severe dieback ...
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Deep-sea Mushroom

The identity of the Deep-sea Mushroom

The mystery of Dendrogramma enigmatica or 'Deep-sea Mushroom' was born in 1986 when Australian researchers dredged up some strange mushroom-shaped creatures from the bottom of the deep-sea off the Tasmanian coast. These creatures were unlike anything ever seen before ...
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Pot-bellied Seahorse

Male pregnancy in seahorses

University of Sydney research discovers that male seahorses nourish and protect their embryos. Seahorse pregnancies are carried by the males but, when it comes to breeding, seahorses have more in common with humans than previously thought ...
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A 40 million year penguin parade

The penguin parade may have looked a whole lot different when giant penguins, the size of humans, waddled along the beach at Phillip Island. Today, the Little Penguin, the world’s smallest penguin species, is the only penguin living in Australia. A study led by Museum Victoria and Monash University PhD student, Travis Park has discovered their amazingly diverse history, which stretches back over 38 million years ...
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